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VoIP Coming to Larger Law Firms

Law.com has an interesting article regarding the use of VoIP in larger law firms. Apparently, the technology is finally taking root.

Honestly, VoIP seems like a no-brainer. It’s cheap, it’s feature-rich, and it performs well. From my experience with Vonage and Skype, VoIP works as well as your internet connection. If you have a decent connection, you’ll have good service.

Small businesses and small law firms have already learned the benefits to VoIP. Simple and cheap services, like Skype and Vonage, can fully meet the needs of these smaller entities.

Amazingly, larger firms have some pretty neat features available to them. The article makes a couple assertions that I find particularly promising:

When the system is fully functioning, [users] will be able to call a client at the touch of a button and have that call simultaneously entered into the firm’s Elite billing software by Thomson Elite.

* * *

As a simple example, the firm could design an application that would enable an attorney to check into a hotel room and order food off the room service menu while he or she is in a cab on the way from the airport.

I’m definitely one for doing things “at the touch of a button.” I love to find ways to automate tasks, especially repetitive ones. It sounds like VoIP is the solution to both of these problems. Pretty cool.

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3 Responses to “VoIP Coming to Larger Law Firms”

  1. Voipman
    February 13th, 2008

    If i may ask, what blog software are you running? how much does it cost? and where can i get a copy? if you dont mind me asking.

  2. Andrew Flusche
    February 17th, 2008

    Voipman – I’m running WordPress. You can get it for free at http://www.wordpress.org.

  3. Thadeus Weiss
    March 16th, 2009

    The law firm that I used to work for used VoIP. Since I’ve launched my own firm, I’ve been using conference calling and deposition conference services from http://www.24conference.com/legal.php. This saves me a substantial amount of money plus they offer pay as you go billing. Thanks for the tips!

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