Contract for Legal Services vs. Client Plan

I think it scares my clients when I ask them to sign a contract with me. Especially when they’re coming to me because they were just burned in a contract with someone else.

It’s partly my fault.

My previous contract was proudly titled: Contract for Legal Services. I was trying to be a good lawyer, explaining exactly what the document is about. It made sense to my rational brain.

But then I started thinking that maybe the title is daunting. I decided the title itself might be scaring clients.

I …

Print Postage Online – In Your Pajamas!

Don’t you hate going to the post office? The lines are long, the building is dingy, and there’s never enough parking.

I’m now a proud endicia user! I can print whatever postage I need, right from my desk. It’s already saving me time and money. I’ll bet it will work for you too!

As an attorney, I mail lots of things. We have to send documents to court, our clients, and other attorneys. Without endicia, I had to keep a supply of stamps on …

Business Card Idea – Keep It Simple

Every so often I come across a business card idea that I love. The above card is one of those.

Sure, this playing card business card is tacky. But it’s memorable. And for some professions, it just might do the trick. With the right person behind the card, I think it would be fun to receive.

How could you make this neater? Print on the playing card with your inkjet printer. Or find a place where you could just buy a bunch of Aces, and …

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