I’m on Zen Habits – Thanks Leo!

Thanks to my great friend, I have a guest post over at Zen Habits.

Check it out: 8 Frugal Tips for Legal Matters.

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I sent an email to friends and family three weeks ago when I was laid off. I wanted to let everyone know that my solo practice is now full time, and that I was available to help in any way possible.

Leo immediately offered to publish a guest post on his amazing blog. Talk about an awesome way to help out a friend!

Please help me thank Leo …

Good Luck With Bar Exam Studying!

Now that May is almost over, thousands of law school graduates across the country are buckling down to study for the dreaded bar exam. To all of you, I say: good luck!

I just got some unsettling reader feedback, where one bar exam taker said she was already stressed out and my website made her even more stressed. She specifically asked me not to email her back, so I won’t. But I certainly hope all of you guys can have a relaxed and fruitful preparation time.

On …

Lessons Learned by Being Laid Off

On Friday, May 9, one of the vice presidents walked into my office and fired me. Little did I know that I was the second casualty of five (10% of the staff) to be laid off on that Black Friday.

I’m headed to a better life with my own solo law firm. I have a small, growing client base, and new opportunities pop up every day.

But I want to highlight a couple things I learned by being laid off. It was unexpected, shocking, surreal, and enraging. …

Our Two Wisest Purchases – Multitasker and Unitasker

I always like to reflect on things we have bought over the years and think if they were worth buying. Luckily my wife has gotten into the purging mood, so we have made several donation trips to Goodwill lately.

I wanted to highlight two purchases that I think were exceptionally smart.

Multitasking card table

We bought this standard folding table early in our marriage. I think we paid $50 for the table and two matching chairs. That …

Support Local Businesses with Google Maps

Do you like supporting local businesses? Most people do. We should all take pride in the unique things that make our neighborhoods home. But did you know that you can use Google Maps to support them?

No more yellow pages

I keep trying to convince my wife that we can throw out the paper phone books. With Google Maps and its awesome local results, yellow pages are simply obsolete.

Why should I dig out a huge book and thumb through the pages looking for the crazy category …

Finally Back, Check Out Interview

I just realized that I haven’t posted anything new at Legal Andrew in about five weeks. Wow! I know I have been busy, but I’m sorry for neglecting you guys for so long.

In a nutshell, I’ve been crazily busy with work. We have a major project at my day job that is taking off wildly, which is awesome and stressful. Combine that with an increase in my private client work, and blogging had to take a back seat. Sorry!

Cool group interview

I haven’t forgotten about the blogging world completely. My good friend, Mark Shead, is …

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