A Great, Unsuspected, Viral Video

Thanks to Jennifer’s post at Search Engine Guide, I watched this awesome viral video.

Although I used to detest marketers in general, I’ve become really interested in leveraging technology to spread a message. This is where YouTube has incredible power.

Before I say more, watch this video. It’s only two minutes of your life. It’ll amaze you!

Why don’t lawyers do things like this? The typical personal injury ad is embarrassingly stupid (“call me, I’m the Tough …

Links – Blog Project Ends, Personal Finance Tip

I don’t do much “speedlinking” around here, but I wanted to share some links with you guys today.

Blog Project Three: Final List – Daniel’s blog project at Daily Blog Tips just ended, and he posted all 114 entries. Check them out for some fun reading.

3 Reasons Why Daily Blog Tips Sucks – This is my favorite entry to the blog project. It’s a nice ironic twist. :)

Top 3 Reasons You Should Stop Reading Blogs – I couldn’t agree more. We’d all be more productive, if we just stopped reading (and writing) blogs. …

3 Reasons Why I Love the Bar Exam

This is my contribution to the Blog Project: Three run by Daily Blog Tips. Join in the fun by July 8th for your chance to win some cash!

Oh, Bar Exam, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

1. You’re vacationing with me in Roanoke, Virginia this summer.

Without you, Bar Exam, I would have to stay in the lovely town of Charlottesville all summer. I wouldn’t get to rent a roach-motel-room in Roanoke. I wouldn’t get to put on a suit (no joke, required attire by Virginia) …

Record Month – 12000 Visitors, $560

I’ve enjoyed doing these monthly reviews. It gives me an excuse to look through statistics, like I don’t do that enough. Plus, I set goals for the blog and myself.

Traffic and income

This month, we topped two great goals together. First, Legal Andrew saw 12,300 visitors in June. That’s about a 50% increase since April and May! Needless to say, I’m definitely excited. Although now it’s going to be tough to keep growing. But with your great participation, we’ll find a way.

Second, blog earnings reached a new high in June – $560. Here …

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