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Record Month – 12000 Visitors, $560

I’ve enjoyed doing these monthly reviews. It gives me an excuse to look through statistics, like I don’t do that enough. Plus, I set goals for the blog and myself.

Traffic and income

This month, we topped two great goals together. First, Legal Andrew saw 12,300 visitors in June. That’s about a 50% increase since April and May! Needless to say, I’m definitely excited. Although now it’s going to be tough to keep growing. But with your great participation, we’ll find a way.

Second, blog earnings reached a new high in June – $560. Here are the three main contributors:

  • AdSense – $144.86
  • Text Link Ads – $129.84
  • PayPerPost – $195.47

If there was a secret behind these earnings, I’d love to share it with you. But I’m still trying to figure everything out myself. AdSense is really because of increased traffic. Text Link Ads went up due to some post links that sold. And PayPerPost is always a solid money-earner, especially if you snag some high-paying opportunities.

Posts to read

The most popular posts during June were all published this month. And two of them are actually about law!

  1. Lunch , Break , and Hour Laws You Should Know
  2. 11 Reasons to Fire Your Lawyer
  3. Head Shave 101 – My Head is Bald!

Here are some posts you might’ve missed this month. Check them out:

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