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Sidebar – Fun Google Easter Eggs

And now, for something completely different…

Courtesy of Google Maps, I show you the great State of Chair. It recently joined the Union to replace several of the old Western states. The capitol is located in the bustling city of Cushion.

Google Maps Chair
(click to enlarge)

Seriously, my wife pulled up Google Maps the other day, and the default map of the U.S. showed this funky image. It’s not something from her computer cache (that she recognized anyway). She tried refreshing, and it stayed there for a couple times, but finally disappeared. Bizarre!

Because of that odd experience, I did a little searching for other Google easter eggs. Maybe you can help this rabbit catch his Google eggs. But you better watch out, since Google is the devil. Finally, you might just find Nessie in your personalized home page.

Update – June 9, 9:54 PM – Thanks to Jake’s comment, I have now been educated about the Google “devil” page I linked to above. It’s an official Google specialized search. Instead of that, how about Elmer Fudd Google?

And now, back to our regular programming.

(Yes, I’m going insane because of bar review.)

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5 Responses to “Sidebar – Fun Google Easter Eggs”

  1. Jake
    June 9th, 2007

    The google.com/bsd is not an easter egg. It is a specialized search for Google much like the Linux search. It is for BSD related searches. BSD is a free Unix operating system comparable to Linux. The logo itself is the FreeBSD logo.

  2. Andrew Flusche
    June 9th, 2007

    Thanks Jake! I’ve definitely updated the post now. 🙂

  3. found some google easter eggs
    go to google type google gothic and click im feeling lucky
    do the same up above but instead of gothic type loco or L33T =P