Increase Productivity by Doing Something Different

How often do you get stuck in a rut? Does your productivity decrease when you do the same thing every day? Here is today’s breakthrough tip: do something different.

Variation spurs the mind

Our brains are complex organs. But if they are required to do the same thing day after day, they seem to shift into neutral or auto-pilot. Creativity decreases, along with productivity.

If you require your brain to think about something else, you will likely notice a boost in creativity and productivity. Your brain will begin firing on more cylinders synapses. You will utilize more …

The Lazy Way to Success On Exams

If you are in virtually any type of school, exams are lurking around the corner. For those of us in law school (and probably other graduate schools), the exam constitutes our entire grade for each class. How are you going to ensure a successful exam period?

What you haven’t done

If you’re like most people (including yours truly), your course outlines are far from complete. In fact, I haven’t even started mine. But that’s life as a 3L. For those of you who have an outline, I applaud your hard work!

Perhaps you haven’t read any of the …

Using JibberJobber for Online Networking – Part 1

This is Part 1 in a series of posts on Jason Alba’s Career Toolset, JibberJobber. Check back soon for future posts in this series.

You all know that networking is key to building your law practice, finding your first law firm job, and having a more fruitful career. I won’t belabor those points here. This post, and the entire JibberJobber series, is about using this nifty online tool for managing your networking efforts.

What is it?

Basically, JibberJobber provides the tools you need to manage network contacts, employers, documents, books, articles, and other …

Must Read Blog: PDA Lawyer

Grant Griffiths, author of Home Office Lawyer just announced the launch of his new blog: PDA Lawyer. The focus will obviously be on using personal digital assistants in your law practice. According to Grant, he will narrow the focus a bit to what he uses: Palm’s Treo. However, he is looking for some BlackBerry users to perhaps do some guest posts on this little addictive beast.

Why don’t you mozy on over and enjoy his debut?

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Networking Carnival

For those of you interested in job search tips, you should definitely check out today’s edition of the Networking Carnival, hosted over at Jason Alba’s JibberJobber Blog.

Legal Andrew was lucky enough to be included in this edition, featuring my post on business cards for students.

One of my favorite posts is by George Blomgren, who writes on what to do if you just lost your job.

The coolest part of being included in the Networking Carnival is that …

Easy Content Management for Lawyer Websites

Do you have a website? How easy is it for you to update it? Do you have to email a webmaster to make updates for you? If you would like to make updates yourself, you should definitely check out Micro CMS.

In a nutshell, Micro CMS (which stands for “content management system”) provides editable regions on your website. To change the content of one of these regions, simply click on the small “e” icon above the …

Tips for Writing Effective Law Firm Cover Letters

If you are a first year law student, the summer job search is just gearing up. Fortunately for you, there are plenty of articles with helpful suggestions all around the web. I wrote an article with cover letter tips a few days ago. Today, Tracks to Success posted a great article providing tips for business letter writing. You should wander over and check it out, since all of the advice applies to cover letters as …

Online File Conversion Service, Perhaps Useful for Lawyers

Have you ever needed to convert a file from one type to another? Maybe you need to turn your Word document into a PDF. Perhaps you were trying to convert some type of media file.

Zamzar could be your solution. You simply upload the file to be converted, select the type of file you want to turn it into, enter your email address, and submit. Zamzar then does the work and emails your file back to you. Cool, right?

The downside I see to Zamzar, at least currently, is that it doesn’t provide for several …

Word Tips to Make Your Life Easier

How often to you have trouble with Microsoft Word? If you’re like most of us, it’s “helping” features often annoy.

Fortunately for all of us, Mary Whisner (author of Trial Ad Notes, librarian at U. of Washington School of Law), compiled a great list of
Word tips. You definitely need to check this page out. Mary has everything from how to better organize your files to easy ways to control formatting when you paste into Word. This is definitely a good refresher as you begin …

Server Troubles Today… Sorry

If you’re seeing this post, it means that Legal Andrew’s server is finally running correctly. Hooray! The server apparently died this morning. The technicians fixed it by this afternoon, but they restored an old copy of Legal Andrew. Thus, I had to replace those old files with the newest versions from my backup copy.

If you have read Legal Andrew long, you know that I usually don’t post things like this. I just wanted to apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused.

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