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Full Disclosure Coming At You

Sponsored Post

As you might have read a while back, I am now participating in two “sponsored posts” programs (PayPerPost and ReviewMe). If you’re a regular reader, you will remember my initial post on ReviewMe. You will also see that I haven’t flooded your feed aggregator with spam posts, just to earn a few cents.

This post constitutes my first one for PayPerPost. I thought it fitting that this post be about full disclosure, which I personally guarantee to you. I just created my new disclosure policy via PayPerPost’s very own program.

I like PayPerPost’s disclosure program, but I wanted to go the extra mile for you. Thus, you will notice my very own add-on to the disclosure policy. These are the guarantees I made when I announced sponsored posts a couple weeks ago.

To go over them once again, here are my commitments to you:

  1. I will only write posts that have some relation to the theme here.
  2. I will never take on a review that is required to be positive.
  3. Every sponsored post that I publish will be clearly labeled with “Sponsored Post” at the very top (as you see on this post).
  4. I will be responsive to my readers. If you guys send me a clear message that you can’t stand the posts, I will stop doing them.

What do you guys think about sponsored posts? Have any thoughts on PayPerPost or ReviewMe? Please post a comment or drop me a line.

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