How Do You Measure Website Success?

Andrew’s Note: This is a guest post by a good friend of mine – and awesome link builder – Brandon Hopkins.

When I meet with clients that need my link building services, one of the first things I ask is, “How would you measure success?” In other words, what will I need to do to meet your expectations. This does two things, it helps me understand how much link building and internet experience the client has, but it also allows us to talk mutually about what success means online. Here are a few common problems I hear about and what can …

Business Networking 101

Most business owners know there’s value in face-to-face networking. But where do you start for successful business networking? Here’s a quick and dirty guide.

Ideal client

You have to start with some important questions: Who is your ideal client? What problem(s) do they face? What other professionals might they come into contact with?

Your goal is to build relationships with referral sources. You want to get to know the folks who know and work with your ideal clients.

This may be rudimentary for you. But too many people miss the point of business networking. You’re not looking for clients. You’re looking for referral sources. …

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