Christmas Gifts for Men – Or, Andrew’s Wish List

I’m a man. And I’m hard to shop for. My dad was hard to shop for as well. I think it’s something many of us men have in common.

Here are my ideas of Christmas gifts for men, otherwise known as “Andrew’s wish list.”


Show me a man who isn’t a fan of Indiana Jones. I’ll show you a pansy.

I wanted to be like Indy when I grew up. And now I’m a lawyer. I must …

Too Many Faces on Your Website

I’m a fan of personalizing websites with images of the author. And images of people generally help us to connect better. We’re drawn to people like us, and there’s no way to do that quite like photographs.

But it’s possible to have too much of a good thing. Too many faces on your website is overload. Here’s an example:

A fellow attorney has created a website about the business of law. She’s doing lots of high-profile marketing and probably making some good money with her various projects.

But nobody wants to see three pictures of her above the …

Alternative Office Space in Fredericksburg – Coworking at Business Playce

My law firm operates out of my home office. But I needed a professional place to meet clients, and sometimes home gets old. And boring.

No longer!

Fredericksburg, Virginia now has a coworking facility. It’s called Business Playce.

Coworking provides an informal office space where you can work, meet clients, and chat with other professionals. Coworking is a level of space in between a coffee shop and a “virtual office.” You don’t get your own office, but you also don’t have to shout over the espresso machine’s noise. You can just work in a …

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