This Makes Me Sick to be a Lawyer

Thanks to an awesome friend and reader, I saw this video (found by Robert Ambrogi).

This appears to be a lawyer in a deposition (or similar context). He’s being asked “Are you truthful in your dealings with your employees?,” and he will not answer, claiming it’s vague, ambiguous, and over broad.

Honestly, things like this give all lawyers horrible reputations. I’ve got heartburn right now, partly from my nacho dinner and partly because of this slimy guy.

Lazy (and Quick) Way to Leave Blog Comments

We all know that one key to building your blog is to comment. You’ve got to participate in the community, give to others, and share ideas.

But do you ever get tired of filling out comment forms? You know, the standard fields: name, email, website. I’ll bet you type the exact same info in these fields on every blog.

Your browser might remember these values, or you might have a form filler that watches your back. But if you don’t have a solution for these repetitive keystrokes, I’m going to help you out.

Lazy blog commenter

I’ve written a little …

How to Convert a Video Podcast to Audio Only

Do you own a video iPod? If not, you’re stuck watch video podcasts only on your computer. Until now.

These simple directions will convert your favorite video podcasts to audio only. You’ll now be able to listen to these podcasts on your iPod, with no video required.

I run Windows XP. Thus, these steps focus on Windows. However, I’m sure a similar process would work on Mac, Linux, etc.

1. Download and install MediaCoder, an open source (free) media transcoder. Simply download the latest stable release and follow the easy install process.

2. …

Reasons to be a Government or Public Service Lawyer

As a future public service lawyer, I’m on the lookout to help others enter my chosen profession. Fortunately, The Frugal Law Student has a great post about being a government lawyer. The cool part is that many of his points apply to public service lawyers generally.

My favorite point on his list: loan forgiveness. As he explains, “every lit bit helps.” If you’re thinking about government or public service work, see if your school has a loan forgiveness …

Promote Yourself (even Students!) with Personal Business Cards

Do you have a stack of business cards in your desk? These probably promote the boss’s business (or the partners’ law firm). Where are the cards that promote you?

Don’t laugh. This isn’t a far-fetched notion. In fact, I’ve written about student business cards before. In that post, you’ll find a lot of basic ideas on what to include in your cards and where to print them. Now, I’d like to cover a little more.

History behind them

There’s a …

Help for Job Searches and Career Development

Some of my favorite legal bloggers have put forth great content lately. Anastasia wrote a great post over at Lawsagna, full of tips and tools for your job search and career.

One of the coolest links in her article is on neuro-linguistic programming in your interview. Honestly, this is pretty deep stuff. But it might give you an edge in your next interview.

For the rest of Anastasia’s great tips, be sure to read her …

Make Money Online, With Help From Net Business Blog

In case you aren’t aware Matt Coddington is a relatively new power player in the blogosphere. This is definitely a guy to watch.

His main blog, Net Business Blog (feed), has only been up for three months, yet it’s already earning $1000/month. He received over 88,000 visits in February alone. That is phenomenal!

So why am I writing about Matt? For one, I admire people who do something wholeheartedly and make it work. Second, he’s got some really good content regarding marketing, SEO, and other blogging …

Google Offers Tailored Results for Medicine

It seems like I’m constantly finding a new Google feature that I didn’t know existed. You would think that a search engine is pretty basic and can’t be constantly evolving. Not so, at least for Google.

I was doing some research on prescription medicines. I typed in the medicine name, and Google offered a list of options to “refine” my search results. This is awesome! I’ve included a screen shot below, using Tylenol as an example.

When you click one of these links, you’ll see results specific to the topic you selected. This is simple, but …

Legal Research Tips for LexisNexis and Westlaw

Do you need a little legal research help? Law Student has you covered. Check out this awesome list of legal research tips.

My favorite tidbit from this post is Zimmerman’s Research Guide. This is an alphabetical index of legal information sources. This is a great place to look if you’re having trouble finding a source in Lexis OR Westlaw. Very handy.

For the rest of the helpful tips, check out Law Student’s list.

The Best IM Client for Any Network

Which instant messenger do you use? AIM? Google Talk? MSN? Why not ALL of them?!

I couldn’t decide which IM network to join, so I joined them all (the major ones). But I’m not going to run five client programs. That’s where Miranda IM comes in.

This little program allows you to connect to AIM, Yahoo, MSN, Google Talk (Jabber), ICQ, and more. And you get to have all your buddies in one handy contact list. Plus, you can use hotkeys to manage everything, such as maximizing/minimizing …

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