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Sidebar – Change Your Wallpaper to Refresh and Inspire

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This is my first “sidebar” post. These will be posts that don’t fit the blog’s theme, but are fun and light. We all need a little levity, right?

Here’s a fun and refreshing activity for any computer user: change your wallpaper. You probably sit in front of that monitor at least 8 hours a day. Why not vary it up?!

I’ve got a list to share of free wallpaper directories. Browse through and find something you like!

Desktopography – I’m listing this first, since it’s incredibly amazing. It’s an online art gallery of wallpapers, complete with nice music while you browse. They’ve got 40 kick-butt wallpapers for this year, plus two previous years to check out. You won’t be bored here. The above image is from Desktopography.

Digital Blasphemy – This site is an old personal favorite. If you’re into rendered, 3D images, this is a great place to look. The author has a great selection of free wallpapers ready to download.

Mandolux – For our friends with multiple monitors, you should check this site out. There are tons of great wallpapers for two and three monitor setups. Even single monitor people can use half of some of these images for a spiffy look.

Flickr wallpapers – This is a pool of images submitted by Flickr users. You’re sure to find something catchy and inspiring in here.

Rotate automatically – There’s also a handy Flickr Wallpaper Rotator that will automatically switch your wallpaper for you. This Windows application is free, and it allows you to set your swap interval as well as a specific Flickr user to grab pictures from.

Do you have a great wallpaper source to share? Leave it in the comments or drop me a line.

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