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LexisNexis Took me to Lunch and Gave me a Toy!

Lexis Ball

One thing I’m definitely going to miss about law school is being bribed by LexisNexis and Westlaw. For those of you who don’t know, both these companies continually throw free things at law students, hoping that we will primarily use their research system when we start practicing. It’s a great arrangement!

Our school had a really good Lexis presentation yesterday, by one of the Virginia law firm representatives. She highlighted some of the different practice tools Lexis has, and how they can be useful down the road.

The best part of attending this presentation were the perks given out to secure our attendance. I came due to the promise of free lunch and 500 Lexis Ultimate Rewards points. I was happily surprised by what I actually received:

  • 1,000 reward points (heck yeah!)
  • the cool bounce ball you see in the upper right
  • a catered Italian lunch, complete with lasagna, salad, bread, and imported Italian iced tea

If you happen to attend law school with me, you haven’t completely missed out. Lexis is hosting another one of these presentations in April. If you attend another law school, the lesson is to never turn down a free lunch. It might be pizza, or it might be pretty swank.

Oh, the bounce ball lights up when you bounce it:

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One Response to “LexisNexis Took me to Lunch and Gave me a Toy!”

  1. freelunchroom
    April 22nd, 2009

    Free lunch is always good! Those bounce ball lights are very neat.

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