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You Don’t Need a Mouse to Send an Email

One of the popular features around here is the Kill Your Mouse series I wrote a while back. I was pleased to learn this morning that another blog is now starting a similar thread of posts.

The Cranking Widgets Blog has its first “no mouse required” post up, and it teaches mouse-less emailing in Outlook. This is a great thing to learn for that task we all do so many times each day.

I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this “no mouse required” category over at Cranking Widgets. I love my new Bluetooth mouse, but I also love the keyboard.

Here’s my contribution to the “no mouse required” for email post.


  1. Use Alt+Tab to switch to your browser or Ctrl+Tab to get to your Gmail tab.
  2. Press C to open a blank email compose page.
  3. Your cursor should begin in the “To” field, so just type the recipient’s email address.
  4. Press Tab to get to the “Subject” field, then type your subject.
  5. Use Tab again to get to the “Body.” Type your email.
  6. When you’re ready to send, press Tab, Enter. Off your email goes!

Do you have a great keyboard hack to make email more efficient? Please post a comment or drop me a line.

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3 Responses to “You Don’t Need a Mouse to Send an Email”

  1. Editor of Top Law Student
    February 3rd, 2007

    Great article, even though I love my mouse/touchpad. 🙂 Here are some more easy shortcuts for gmail: http://gmail.google.com/suppor.....nswer=6594

  2. Andrew Flusche
    February 3rd, 2007

    I’m glad you liked the article. Thanks a ton for commenting.


  3. samvfjdi
    March 7th, 2007

    Hello, nice site!!! :)) …

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