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Month in Review – December

Hello to all of you wonderful readers. If you are new to Legal Andrew, I’m glad you found your way here. If you’re a regular, I’m glad you keep coming back. I value all of your time and participation.

Popular posts

1. The most popular post for December is You Gotta Love a Free Espresso Machine. It was #1 on Google for “free espresso,” but now it’s down to #3. Sadly, traffic to the post is down a bit too.

2. Second place goes to Why People Hate Lawyers – Just Read Their Blogs!. That was my contribution to ProBlogger’s last group writing project. I’m glad people liked it.

3. After taking out a couple posts that were top last month, Harness the Power of Word Cross-References for Mammoth Documents takes third place for December. Interestingly, that was my contribution to ProBlogger’s September group writing project. The lesson here: give to others. Be part of the community!

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Happy New Year!

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