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Mobilize Your Virtual Legal Workforce

Does your law firm have fluctuating staff requirements? Do you find yourself swamped sometimes, while at other times giving busy work to associates and paralegals? Virtual employees might be the solution for you.

There is a great news article at Law.com’s Legal Technology page about using virtual workers for a law firm. The article explains how you can use technology to allow collaboration between your core employees at your firm’s office and virtual workers anywhere in the country.

Among just a couple of the benefits of virtual employees are setting lower billing rates for clients and providing more even working hours for core office employees.

However, be aware of the limitations of virtual employees as well. Conflicts must still be checked rigorously, and confidentiality must be ensured for the firm’s clients.

Virtual workers might not be for everyone, but they do provide great benefits for many companies and firms. Don’t rule them out when thinking about your firm’s employment needs.

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  1. language lab system
    October 23rd, 2008

    You still hiring? Everybody should work from home!

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