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Learn About Technology Online, For Free


Are there technologies you wish you knew more about? Do you find the law sucking up all your time to keep abreast of i-gizmos, pod-thingies, and the like? You need some free, online courses.

Thanks to the cool productivity blog, Lifehacker, I found the awesome courses offered by CNET. They provide an interactive learning environment for you to catch up on technology and learn from your peers.

From what I understand, the courses actually have begin & end dates. However, I believe you can enroll any time during the course (or beforehand). You will have materials to process, and they have discussion forums to help learn from other students in the course.

You’re probably wondering what kind of things you will learn. Just a few topics are podcasts, wireless networks, sharing printers, using VoIP (internet telephony), and making a budget in Excel. I’m sure there is something that will apply to your law practice in their wide course offering. Maybe you would benefit from the PowerPoint course or learning about mobile email on your Windows smart phone.

What are you waiting for? Head on over to CNET and sign up. Your practice will benefit; I promise.

Have you taken any online courses like this? Were they helpful? Please put your thoughts in the comments or drop me a line.

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