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Does a Legal Blog Provide Any Measurable Returns?

Fellow legal blogger Grant Griffiths has an interesting article about the rewards of having a legal blog. Grant has an interesting perspective on this issue, and compares blogging to yellow page ads:

Compare the cost of one post a week, I don’t care what kind of post. Linking to another blog, news story or writing your own original work. Compare it to the cost of a yellow page ad. I will bet you, the blog posting will bring in more money for the time you spend.

One thing that seems overlooked here is an important return that I have already experienced in blogging: networking. In my short few months of blogging, I have already begun networking with fellow bloggers (legal and otherwise), thus enlarging my professional network. To my amazement, this has happened simply by having a blog, posting to it, and encouraging people to comment and email me. I guess this proves that if you are open to people, they will open up to you.

What returns have you experienced from your legal blog? Please post a comment or drop me a line.

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