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Part-Time Attorneys

One of the questions plagued by everyone in the legal sphere is the idea of having part-time attorneys. This issue seems to be getting more attention lately due to the number of working female attorneys who have children. It seems like most firms are willing to give maternity leave for their attorneys, but I wonder how many are willing to allow part-time arrangements thereafter.

As this article from Trial Ad Notes mentions, the Nassau County (New York) District Attorney’s Office now refuses to allow anyone to work part-time. It seems that the women’s groups have taken the DA to task, unsuccessfully.

As a male, one thing I think people don’t think about often is the other side of the issue: paternity leave. I hope to have a family soon, and it would be great to be able to take off for a month or two and help my wife around the time our children are born. Also, it might be needed someday to work less than a full-time attorney, such as if we were to have special needs children. I wonder how many law firms or other legal employers would be accepting of such an arrangement for a man, not to mention women.

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