Even Attorneys Can Save Money!

There is a great article at Lifehack.org about saving money. Instead of giving the standard tips like budgeting, etc, this article provides concrete ways to trim your expenses but still have a good life.

My favorite two happen to be the first two in the list: make your own coffee and use your local library. In our day of getting it fast and right at our fingertips, it is easy to forget that so many things are easily accessible and cheaper to do ourselves. Instead of getting your $3.50 cup of …

Part-Time Attorneys

One of the questions plagued by everyone in the legal sphere is the idea of having part-time attorneys. This issue seems to be getting more attention lately due to the number of working female attorneys who have children. It seems like most firms are willing to give maternity leave for their attorneys, but I wonder how many are willing to allow part-time arrangements thereafter.

As this article from Trial Ad Notes mentions, the Nassau County (New York) District Attorney’s Office now refuses to allow anyone to work part-time. It seems that the …

Flat Fees or Hourly Billing: What is More Efficient?

As usual in the law community, there is a discussion regarding whether attorneys should bill clients by the project or by time. My Shingle has a good point to add to the discussion: who bears the cost of overage if the project costs more than expected? I completely agree with the article’s main point:

When I give a flat fee estimate, I will eat the cost unless the extra work is caused by the client (e.g., client lies about material issues in the …

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