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Practicing Law Is Customer Service

I just read an article at Lifehack.org that really made me think about the nature of practicing law. The idea behind the article is that customers are serviced better and happier when you slow down and give them your undivided time. Anyone remotely close to being a lawyer realizes that the practice of law is all about servicing clients (aka: customers). Thus, it stands to reason that lawyers should slow down and give each client their undivided attention. As the article explains:

Customers prefer to deal with people and organizations that treat them well and make them feel important. They judge value by how well their needs are met and any problems they have are solved, fully and permanently. They aren’t interested in your sales quota or the pressures you face to make your budget. As far as each customer is concerned, they are the only one, and that’s how they expect, deep down, to be treated.

This is probably all self-explanatory for a lawyer who has been practicing for any length of time. However, it is probably always useful to come back and think about these basic concepts. Also, it is important for summer associates and new lawyers to think with this mindset of servicing customers.

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