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Legal Networking Through Professional Orgs

There is a great post over at Lifehack.org about the virtues of "professional volunteering." This is a great introduction to the concept of networking by volunteering for professional organizations. Of note for people in the legal profession, this would probably include organizations like the local bar association and specialized groups depending upon your practice area.

From the article:

… [O]nce you’re safe and sound in a position you’re okay with, you can use volunteering to build a powerful network and increase your marketability. … My advice if you’d like to expand your career horizons is to join a professional association. … But really benefiting from the association means more than just opening up your checkbook and paying the dues (altho you’ll keep the staff happy that way). No, to really get the benefit out of the association, you have to work it. The best way to do this is to volunteer.

I personally think that is some sound advice. There is much more to being part of an organization than just paying dues. So get out there and "work it," before the guy down the hall does.

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