Eee PC Battery Test – 7 Hours, 29 Minutes

I was at an all-day seminar last week, sporting my …

3 Launchy Tricks – Evernote, Google Voice, RTM

If you want to control your computer from your keyboard, check out Launchy. It’s a free keystroke launcher. Here are three ways to supercharge Launchy.


I use Evernote for all my note-taking needs. I constantly need to pull up a note that I’ve previously written. With Launchy and Evernote’s Windows scripting, this is now a piece of cake.

To pull up all of your notes that contain a particular string, you execute a command like this:

C:\Program Files\Evernote\Evernote3\ENscript.exe /showNotes QUERY

We can plug that into Launchy as a Runner command:

Now you …

My Custom Business Management System

Business have data to manage, documents to produce, and customers to invoice. Law firms are no different.

I run my own traffic defense law firm. It’s a high-volume practice area, which means I have lots of clients at any given time. There are lots of client contracts and invoices going out and coming back from clients.

In April, I wrote that I wanted to integrate my main systems. It’s done now, and this post explains everything.

What I use

I use a number of separate systems. They all do their job very well.

Remember the Milk (to do lists) – API

NameCheap is Cheaper than GoDaddy

Everyone sees GoDaddy’s ads for “$1.99 domains” and thinks they’re the cheapest option.


I’ve been using NameCheap for years, and I’ll show you that it’s cheaper than GoDaddy. Let’s look at several different situations to give each company a fair shake.

All the prices below are the cost per year.

To make this comparison a bit easier, I’m going to focus on .com domains. Prices can differ on other extensions, but most people want a .com anyway.

New domain only

If you’re just looking to register a new domain with no email or web hosting, here’s what you would pay:

Includes: SSL …

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