EchoSign Customer Service To The Rescue!

EchoSign has a killer product. And their customer service rocks too!

On Friday at 11:53pm, I wrote this post about EchoSign not giving small users access to their API. I wanted to integrate their e-signing system with a total law firm management solution that I’m developing. No dice. Yep, I was a bit angry.

On Saturday at 10:11am, the EchoSign CEO and Co-Founder, Jason Lemkin, commented on my post. He explained why they limit access to their Enterprise API system. And then he added that third-party developers CAN integrate their applications with EchoSign’s API for no charge. Eureka! …

How to Alienate Your Vocal Supporters

Update – 4-27-09 – This was apparently a major misunderstanding. Check out my new post: EchoSign Customer Service To The Rescue!

It’s simple: just focus too much on big businesses.

I love EchoSign for e-signing documents. My clients love it too, so that makes me love it even more. I even wrote about EchoSign over at my law firm website. And the EchoSign folks picked up the article on their blog.

But I’m not feeling the love from EchoSign right now. They let me down.

I’ve been a loyal EchoSign user since I discovered their service last summer. I’ve …

My Short Email Experiment

Email is a necessary part of my law practice, but it takes up a lot of time. I decided that one way to cut that time is to cut the length of my emails.

My email signature now contains this line at the end:

Why is this email 5 sentences or less?

My goal is to limit every email to no more than five sentences. The results have been mixed.

The limit is hard. It’s been difficult to limit every email to five sentences. Some emails just need more than that. Or maybe I should pick up the phone and call the …

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