Tax Deductions – The Home Office Deduction

It’s important to take all your legal tax deductions to get the biggest possible tax refund. If you are self-employed, this is even more critical. Here is a quick primer on an elusive area of tax preparation: the home office deduction.

There are a variety of factors you must meet to claim a deduction for your home office. But I’ll explain each one individually.

Proper work status

To qualify for the home office deduction, your work status must meet one of two tests:

1. You are self-employed. If you run your own business, you’re all set. …

Maximize Your Tax Refund in 6 Steps

It’s now 2009, so another tax season is upon us. This doesn’t have to be a sad time of the year. Follow these easy steps to maximize your refund!

File early

We’ll start off with an easy tip that isn’t really about the size of your refund. It’s all about speed.

File your tax return as early as you possibly can. The quicker you file, the sooner your tax refund will be in your hands. It makes sense, right?

How many people do you know who file their …

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