Sell Textbooks Online – How to Maximize Your Cash

This post was submitted for the Carnival of Making Real Money.

Everyone knows that you can sell used books back to your college book store. But your best source of cash is to sell textbooks online. And here’s the ultimate guide to maximize your cash!

My wife figured out this method, and we executed it together. We sold several boxes of used books and textbooks, earning over $570.

Round up your books to sell

You first have to gather up the books to sell. It’s important to round these up all at once, to maximize your possible cash. …

Personal Injury Attorney Network

No one ever wants to incur a personal injury. One of the worst parts of being injured is dealing with the medical bills and lost wages that you’ll incur. If you have a serious personal injury, these expenses can easily add up to thousands of dollars and even higher.

This is why you might consider consulting a personal injury attorney. They can’t just conjure money out of thin air, but an attorney might be able to help, if your injury is someone else’s fault.

Total Injury can help you connect with personal injury attorneys

Pay Yourself to Get Things Done

Do you ever have problems getting motivated? I sure do.

Why not reward yourself when you get things done? By “reward,” I mean money. Pay yourself to get things done.

My problem

I’m trying to ride my bike more. But it’s hard to get motivated to ride. The irony is that I like riding.

So when I was on my ride this evening, I came up with this “pay myself” idea. I’ll reward myself for riding my bicycle. I think it will help get me motivated.

The bike payment plan

The …

Links – Facebook Hate Groups, Quicken Question

I hope you’re having a good Sunday. No matter what your religious beliefs, hopefully Sundays are a time for relaxing and connecting with loved ones.

For your reading enjoyment, check out these articles:

Facebook = Elder Hate (via Stephanie West Allen) – Stephanie pointed me to this insightful article about hate groups on Facebook. Sadly, I verified that these exist, and the comments are horrid. I also found other hate groups, including some against women. Very sad.

Is Quicken Really Quicker? – Brett considers whether or not Quicken and MS Money really save time for finances. …

5 Life Lessons from the Bar Exam

Last Tuesday and Wednesday, I joined several hundred other budding lawyers in Roanoke, Virginia. We sat through 12 hours of examinations, and I think everyone survived. I’m not sure that I know anything about the law, but I learned some good lessons about life.

1. Sneakers don’t go with a suit

Virginia is definitely stuck in the past. We all had to wear suits for both days of the exam. But to keep the noise down on the hard floor, we had to wear soft-soled shoes. For most people, this meant sneakers. Needless to say, we …

41 Reasons Why Craigslist Kills Classifieds

One way to increase your productivity is to purge unneeded items. And a great way to do that is by selling them. Clear out some space and earn some extra cash all at once. Who doesn’t like that?!

Local classifieds suck

We’re moving in a week, so we decided to sell some furniture that we no longer needed. I carefully photographed the items, wrote a short description for each one, and selected a low asking price.

I posted ads in our three local papers. One is the main paper, while the other two are weekly publications. The …

I’m a Professional, Now What?

For the past 25 years, I’ve been a kid. During most of that time, I was a student. I’ve had my share of jobs, but they were all just stepping stones to the future.

But now I’m a professional. I have a JD. I just took the Virginia bar exam. I start my first, permanent, full-time job on August 6. I’m not a licensed attorney yet, but I’m definitely part of the professional adult world.

What do I do now?

I’ve been pondering this day for a while. And the full implications probably haven’t even hit …

Wise Bar Exam Words Heard at Church

I try not to get too religious on this blog. It’s about productivity, lawyering, technology, and my random babbling.

But today’s Gospel from Church really applies to all that. Bear with me here.

I’m doing my best to stay calm for the bar exam, but it ain’t easy. And then some great words of Christ were in today’s Gospel. Basically, we shouldn’t be worried and anxious about petty things. Only one thing really matters, and it isn’t the Virginia bar exam.

The specific passage is Luke 10:38-42 (emphasis added):

As they continued their journey he [Jesus] entered a village …

Facebook Isn’t Private, and 7 Other Things You Should Know

If you have a computer, you’re probably on Facebook. You’re networking with friends, adding personal details, storing your email address & cell phone number, uploading pictures, and much more.

But have you bothered to read Facebook’s Terms of Service (“TOS”) or Privacy Policy? What legal relationship have you agreed to? Who has access to your data and personal details?

Thanks to Chris Brogan, I started asking these questions. Then I waded through their terms and policies. Here are some things I found.

1. The terms can change any time

This is probably standard for a website’s …

Dymo LabelManager Review – GTD Heaven

A few weeks ago, I read Brett Kelly’s post about a labeler he had just received for review. Being the GTD and tech geek that I am, I checked it out and posted a comment that I was envious of his new toy.

Lo and behold, the great folks at decided to send me a labeler!! It’s amazing what a simple blog comment can do these days.

Now I’m the proud owner of a Dymo LabelManager 450. And you get to learn about all its cool features!


This isn’t your …

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