Make Money in Law School with Lexis and Westlaw

It’s a new semester of law school, which means you have another chance to earn money from Lexis and Westlaw. I just made $34.88 in about an hour. Here’s how you can do it too!

Points = Money

First of all, you have to understand that Lexis and Westlaw reward points allow you to buy things and gift certificates. Thus, they have value.

Admittedly, the marketplace where the points are accepted is limited (even more so with Westlaw). But you can still get valuable and useful things for your hard work. Thus, in my mind, they are …

Check Out This Battery Life!

Does your laptop quickly run out of juice, destroying your productivity? Mine used to.

Now I have a Dell Inspiron E1405, with a 9-cell battery. I had it fully charged this morning. I’ve been working about 6.5 hours with no plug, and I have 35% (2.25 hours) remaining. That’s 8.75 hours.

What’s the trick? Well, first of all, it’s a 9-cell battery. That means it has more room to store juice. Second, I have my wifi and bluetooth cards turned off. Third, I exited all extraneous programs (Skype, Google Talk, etc). Finally, my …

Lawyers Must Safeguard Techie Property Too!

If you’re a lawyer, you know that the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct require you to “safeguard[]” a client’s property while it is in your possession. You can’t just be careless with things, or you’ll be guilty of an ethical violation.

Here’s an example our PR professor told us about. A lawyer’s client (and friend) asked him to hang on to his gun collection for a period of time. The lawyer obliged and stored the guns in his garage. The guns rusted from humidity. The client was ticked …

Blawg Review #92

What is this?

If you haven’t read Blawg Review before, you’re in for a treat (hopefully). It’s a weekly showcase of the best that the legal blogging community has to offer. It’s a mix between a blog carnival and a law journal. A bit of knowledge, a lot of fun, and it travels around each week.

First of all, a huge thank you goes out to all of the submitters for this week’s issue of Blawg Review. I signed up to host months ago, and I had no idea I would receive so much help. Thank …

Use Post-It Notes for GTD Collection

Do you keep a pad of post-it notes on your desk? If not, you’re missing out on a useful productivity tool.

Some people claim that you should banish post-its from your workspace, but I take a different approach. You should be clear and strict about how they fit into your productivity system; for me, that is GTD.

I always keep a pad of small post-it notes on my desk. I love the 1.5″ x 2″ variety, since they are a great size to jot a quick note. Plus, the small size prevents you from …

Get Your FREE DVD Rental via redbox

Do you like DVDs? Would you like to get a FREE night’s rental? If so, you’ve got to check out redbox.

Perhaps you’ve seen a giant red box in your local grocery store, drug store, or McDonald’s. That’s redbox. It lets you rent newly released DVDs for $1 per night (plus taxes). You can return the DVD to any redbox location. If you keep it over 25 days, they charge you for the DVD and you keep it.

What about the free rental? Yeah, it’s coming. If you put your email address …

Keeping It Brief

If I had more time, I would have written a shorter blog post. Actually, that’s what I’m going to do. Right now.

This is my participation in the Let’s Be Brief writing contest at Middle Zone Musings. I love these group projects, and I figured the legal blogosphere should be represented. Here are my stories, in six words or less (that’s the object of the contest).

1. Objection, hearsay! Who said? He did.
2. May it please the court? NO!!
3. Lawyer driving; hit bumper for lawsuit.
4. Ambulance chaser fell, bought running …

I’m Hosting Blawg Review!

Thanks to the generosity of the Editor at Blawg Review, I’ll be hosting next week’s edition. It goes live on Monday, January 22nd.

If you’re not familiar with Blawg Review, it’s the premier carnival of law bloggers. It’s Law Review on a blog. But unlike your typical journal, Blawg Review covers things that people actually care about.

The Legal Andrew edition of Blawg Review will highlight legal productivity. I’d love to include one of your posts. To be considered, check out the Submission Guidelines. That page also includes how to …

Don’t Go to the Doctor; Just Search Blogs

That’s what a good friend of mine said. Honestly, it struck me like a ton of bricks. I’m definitely a fan of blogs and I love the awesome information they convey, but I also value a doctor’s visit now and then. Here’s the story:

Apparently this friend had some kind-of sore and swelling on her lips. The doctors couldn’t figure it out for the life of them. She finally googled her symptoms. She found a blogger who went through the same thing and explained the cause. It turns out that mango skin contains a …

Get More Life From Your Rechargeable Batteries

My shiny new Dell Inspiron E1405 arrived last week. I’ve spent the last few days getting everything set to my liking. Needless to say, I like it.

However, the point of this post is to share something quite fascinating that I learned this evening. You see, I ordered a spare battery for my laptop. I foresee travel in the near future, so I thought the extra juice would be quite handy at times. But I want to get the most life possible out of both batteries. So I set out to learn how to prolong …

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