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Back With Ruby, Virtual Receptionist

My law firm gets a couple dozen (or more!) phone calls every day. Last year I had a virtual receptionist service help me by answering the phones. I wrote about the service, Ruby Receptionists, two different times.

I hired an in-office assistant last fall, and I stopped using Ruby. I thought me and my assistant could just handle the phones ourselves.


From February 1st to February 24, fourteen unique callers got our voicemail and didn’t leave a message. That probably means we lost at least 10 potential clients. A third of them would most likely have retained me for their case. That’s a HUGE loss.

As of March 2nd (2010), I’m now a Ruby client once again. I’m proud to be back!

Now if me or my assistant can’t answer the phone, Ruby gets the call. A friendly, professional receptionist answers. They take a message and email it to us. Awesome, right?!

This ensures that a live person always answers our phone between 8am and 9pm, Monday to Friday. They also answer between 12pm and 9pm on Saturdays. I’d honestly pay extra if they had a 24/7 option. They’re that valuable!

Ruby also just announced that they have an iPhone app. It has several handy features, such as:

  • Updating your whereabouts to change your call options for the day
  • Calling Ruby with one click
  • Viewing your message and call details

If (when?) they create an Android app, I’ll be sold for life. 🙂

To try Ruby out for your business, get a 21-day money back guarantee and free activation through this form.

Note: I am a happy, born again Ruby customer. I recommend them based on the incredible value they bring to my business. If you sign up using this form (or just tell them that Andrew Flusche referred you), I receive a small payment from Ruby. I guarantee that I’ve paid them much more than they’ve paid me. But they’re worth every penny.

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