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No Offer from Summer Firm (Winstead), but Eligible for Profit Sharing?!

As some of you readers might know, I was headed down the big firm track last year (2L summer), but I didn’t get offers from my summer firms. It seemed to be financial reasons on their part, but whatever. I’ve got a great job now, working for a fantastic non-profit. I’m pumped!


Even though I didn’t get an offer from Winstead, I am apparently eligible for their retirement and profit sharing plan. Here is part of a letter I just received from them. This is the THIRD profit sharing letter I’ve received, after they told me they didn’t have a spot for me.

Honestly, these letters feel like a slap in the face. It’s like they’re saying, “You can’t work here, but look at our great benefits!” But at the same time, it’s fairly comical.

I think I’ll send them a letter sort-of like this:

Dear Winstead,

I would love to be in your profit sharing plan. Please sign me up. I am looking forward to your shareholders funding my retirement.


Do you guys have any thoughts on this? Maybe you can help me come up with a good letter to send. Then again, maybe I’m being petty.

UPDATE (Mar. 20, 9:45 PM) – I just got another letter about the profit sharing plan. I’m automatically enrolled! This has gotten crazy.

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5 Responses to “No Offer from Summer Firm (Winstead), but Eligible for Profit Sharing?!”

  1. Nick Kasoff
    March 21st, 2007

    I’m self-employed, so I have no employer-based retirement plan. If you can get on the Winstead plan, perhaps they could slip me in there too. I appreciate the consideration.

    Nick Kasoff
    The Thug Report

  2. Andrew Flusche
    March 21st, 2007


    Ha ha ha. I wish I could do something for you, but I think we’re both out of luck.

    Thanks for commenting,