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Lawyers Giving Out Free Samples?

There is a great post over at John Jantsch’s Duct Tape Marketing about providing clients with a taste of your services at a low cost.

In essence, the idea is to provide free, or very low cost, points of entry where potential clients can get a taste of your services without actually retaining you. For lawyers, a classic method of free samples has been free initial consultations. This is a good way to help clients learn about you and your services.

Today, blogs allow lawyers to give this type of consultation over the internet. You can give potential clients a glimpse of your expertise online. Clients can research your background, read about your practice, and become confident in your abilities. Why would you not want to provide this crucial information to potential clients?

Leverage the power of technology by blogging, so you can meet John’s challenge:

Every service business in the world should consider developing a suite of information-type products and starter services that allow potential clients a taste of what they can get before they take the big plunge.

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