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Sex, Health, and Money – 4 Tips from the Law

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Yes, that’s a racy title, but bear with me. This post is still family friendly.

People typically think of the law as a hindrance. It’s an annoying thing that only snooty lawyers benefit from. But what about the ways the law helps you? Here are some tips where the law can help you in several areas of life: sex, health, and money.

  1. The law encourages sex, within marriage. Married people get a spiffy marital deduction on their income tax returns, so it literally pays to be married. And then you get deductions for children too. Yep, that’s a legal preference in favor of having kids.
  2. You can buy health products tax-free. If your employer offers a flexible health spending account, lots of your health needs can be paid for with pre-tax dollars. You can spend this money on things from Listerine to doctor’s visits.
  3. You’re protected from bad checks. If you’ve accidentally written a hot check, you know about those crummy NSF charges from the bank. But did you know your bank is legally liable to you if they process unauthorized checks on your account? Yep, the law safeguards your money.
  4. Smokers can’t kill you. The law increasingly protects the rights of non-smokers to have clean air. Most workplaces are becoming 100% smoke free, and some entire countries have gone this route. While smokers certainly complain, shouldn’t we all have clean air?

Now I’m wondering how many of you clicked on this post just because it had “sex” in the headline. We’ll just have to see.

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