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New Social Networking Site for Professionals

MJP Logo

Professionals surely know about LinkedIn. Perhaps you’re really hip and even understand MySpace. Now there’s a new player on the block: Meet Job Pros.

The interesting thing about Meet Job Pros (MJP) is that it seems to merge some of the key features of MySpace and LinkedIn. It’s kind of “MySpace with a professional twist.” But understand that not many people have registered yet, so some screens are a little blank.

MJP Home

When you first go to the site, you see a snapshot of recent activity. You can see recent members, announcements, and more. You can see my profile on the home page right now.

MJP Profile

When you view someone’s profile, you see the screen at left (click any image for a large version). It’s very reminiscent of MySpace, in that you see friends, images, and comments. You also see recent visitors (kind-of like MyBlogLog).

MJP Events

A neat feature I stumbled upon in MJP is the events page (shown at right). It looks like users can add events and invite others to them. This might be useful for publicizing networking mixers or gatherings. You can even search by your location, to make sure you’re only seeing events nearby. You might also use this feature to plan a class reunion or a party. Lots of fun!

MJP Classifieds

The last feature of MJP that I want to highlight is the classified board. There aren’t any listings showing up yet, but I imagine these boards will become popular when the community takes off. You can list jobs, housing, cars, acting gigs, and more. I wonder if the internet isn’t already full of similar boards, but maybe this one can make it.

Overall, MJP seems to be very well planned. I’m not sure if the community will take off, since it does seem really similar to MySpace. I’ve got my basic profile setup, so I’ll keep an eye on it and see how it progresses. I’m just not too big intp the “be my friend” efforts of these communities. Maybe you’ll like it.

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