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Don’t Let Your Law Firm Lag Behind – Start a Blog

Got blog? That’s what your partners should be asking about your law firm. In today’s market, there’s simply no reason why your firm shouldn’t have a presence in the blogosphere.

Why? I’m glad you asked. Blogopreneur Kian Ann has a great post on the subject.

Kian explains that there are over 57 million blogs being published. If only 1% of them actually have any decent content, that still means there are 570,000 blogs that are conducting active conversations.

Of these active blogs, how many might be about your law firm? If you have a big firm, I guarantee there are at least a few discussions about it. Smaller firms will find less. However, you’ll see discussions about your practice area. You might even find people talking about your competitors. People might even talk about your practice area in your town.

Do you want to be left out of these discussions?

For the experienced lawyers out there, you can easily remember when websites were a new thing. Persnickety young people were saying that your firm would perish without a presence on the web. The partners finally gave in and created a website. Or maybe your firm paved the way and set the standard for law firm websites.

Do you want to lag behind the legal blogging scene? Or would you rather set the standard?

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