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Credit Report Aids with Bar Application

Do you remember every address you’ve lived at in the past ten years? Probably not.

When it’s time to fill out your character and fitness questionnaire for the bar, you’ll need this information. Where are you going to get it?

The solution lies in your credit report. You are entitled to a free credit report every year from each of the three credit agencies. When you get your report, it will list all of your previous addresses. Problem solved!

Simply to go AnnualCreditReport.com and request your free report. You’ll have to verify your identity, but they won’t spam you, and it won’t cost you a dime. You can view your report online instantly. You can also get a free credit report and credit scores (not available on the annual site) by subscribing to a credit monitoring service like Spend on Life.

As a side note, this is a free and easy way to keep an eye on your financial identity. If you request a different credit report every four months, you’ll always have an up-to-date view of your accounts. You can make sure everything stays clean and accurate. Plus, it’s free.

Do you have any quick tips to help with the bar application process? What do you think of the whole mess? Stick your thoughts in the comments or drop me a line.

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7 Responses to “Credit Report Aids with Bar Application”

  1. Editor of Top Law Student
    January 12th, 2007

    This is a great idea. I just did it. Thank you. I love this blog!

  2. Andrew Flusche
    January 12th, 2007

    Thanks for the great feedback. I’m glad you liked the tip!

    Take care,