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Be Productive This Winter Break – Fill Out Your Bar Exam Applications

Yep, final exams are over. Christmas is almost here. Law school is out for weeks! It’s time to think about another exam!

Wait. Yeah, that’s what I said. Have you filled out your bar exam paperwork yet?

The bar exam application and character & fitness questionnaire are … comprehensive. The Bar Examiners dig into every corner of your life to try to root out any problem that might prevent you from being a good lawyer.

Gather your documentation

The first reason to start working on this paperwork is that you’ll need lots of different documents to complete it all. Just gathering the information will take some time, and you don’t want to miss the deadlines.

You’ll probably need fingerprints, passport photos, every address you ever lived at, and every school you attended since high school. You need your jobs, your aliases, and a picture of your first pet. Ok, maybe they don’t go that far, but you get the point.

Save money

Yep, in some states you actually pay a smaller fee if you send materials in sooner. For example, in Virginia you save on your character & fitness certification fee if you send in your questionnaire within 14 months of starting law school (that means do it your first year).

Reduce spring stress

Everyone knows that school is a stressful time. Why not remove some of that stress now, while you have a few weeks off? You can probably knock out most of the forms in a few hours, then spend a little more time getting the documentation rounded up. Have it all done before school even starts. Cool, right?

Meet the deadline

Some states have really early deadlines for your applications. It seems like Texas is the earliest, requiring your materials by January 30. You definitely don’t want to wait until mid-January to look at the forms.

Be early, and be prepared.

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